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Textil Wash 1L

Textil Wash 1L


Textil Wash – Washing seats, textile rugs, upholsteries – textiles

Product designed for cleaning textile surfaces with extractive or manual (brush, sponge) method. Has cleaning and degreasing properties. Enhances colour. Recommended for daily cleaning and refreshing all kinds of textile surfaces.


– Seats,
– Carpets,
– Car upholstery


Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
– Washing carpets and textile upholsteries: 100-400 ml / 10 l of warm water – carefully suck out dirt and wash down the surface with vacuum washer
– In case of stubborn stains, repeat the process
– In case of very stubborn stains, strengthen solution with TopEfekt® STR;
– Repeat the process if needed


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