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My name is Max Cotton, I am a 16-year-old professional drifter competing in the Drift Masters European Championship, 2020 was my debut year in the British Drift Championship. At Round 1, in the Pro 2 class, I came 1st. At Round 2 I topped qualifying and won, then went on to top Pro qualifying and get 3rd on the pro podium. Then at the Irish Drift series that same year, I placed 2nd, one step above 3 time Formula Drift Champion, James Deane.


I aim to be the best in the world. However, beyond this, I love not only driving but creating content and inspiring people to start drifting. I am currently building up a large online presence and making an impact in the Pro Drifting scene in the UK and abroad. I want to take my viewers on my journey drifting around the world.

I have always loved the Nissan Silvia PS13 so I decided to pair it with the strong reliability of a new LS3 V8 out of the Chevrolet Corvette to give me the best chance at winning battles

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We are already putting plans in motion for next year, we intend to competing in the Drift Masters European. In response to last year, we will increase the power of the car. In the offseason, I will be practicing a lot in the car when it is done but before that, I will be taking it back to basics training in my E30 and homing in my old driving techniques, and acquiring new ones. Aside from Competition, next year we will be attending other major events across the UK.

To follow my journey through motorsport you can watch the videos I make when I go to drift events, car shows, and more adventures! the 2022 season has lots in store and I cannot wait to burn some rubber and put smiles on people's faces.

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