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Brand Promotion

At MAXXED we can promote your product or service by working with you to give you the type of exposure you want. The flexibility we provide is like no other type of advertising, helping you reach customers in the way you want. Keeping your brand represented the way you want it is our number one priority.



Car Shows, Drift Days, Track Days. You name it, we do it. We have some amazing plans with some of the biggest influencers and event companies, to put on some crazy events across the UK. Do you have an idea, location, or interest in putting on an automotive event? Get in touch with the Contact Us page.

Drift Demos/Event Appearance

Would you like some professional drifting at your event, or maybe some drift car drivers meeting people and giving out signed posters at a static event? People love seeing tyre smoke and amazing looking cars driving around a track. Talking to the people behind the wheel is a fun experience no matter what age or how much they know about cars or drifting!



You can see the products we retail on the Our Products page. We only sell the highest quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. We work closely with our partners to get the best products for the best prices. Would you like someone to retail your products? Get in touch via the Contact Us page.


The excitement and atmosphere of an event can make or break it. A good passion-driven commentator or announcer is key. Max Cotton can build up the crowd and give a non-biased, exciting overview on drivers.
As a driver, Max Cotton has to understand what the judges want to see and all the technical aspects of drifting. He has already judged a Virtual Drift Championship and is ready to make the right decision. 


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