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Q10 Flexi Extra 50ml

Q10 Flexi Extra 50ml


Q10 – Flexi – Extra hydrophobic permanent on top quartz paint coating

Advanced ceramic paint protection that combines hardness, flexibility, and a high-gloss effect. Thanks to its structure Q10 is even more damage-resistant than Q7.


How to apply the product:
1. Shake bottle well before use and wait 3 minutes before opening.
2. Wrap small cloth around soft-side of the applicator.
3. Apply few drops of Q10 Flexil onto applicator covered with small cloth.
4. Apply thin and even layer onto one paintwork section.
5. Leave the layer on the surface for approx. 7-10 minutes (bonding time).
6. Buff the surface with microfiber towel to a high gloss.
7. Move to next paintwork section. Attention: Do not apply Q10 to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.


It is good to know that:
If you want to know if the product is ready to buff, first try to move a hanging towel over drying coating. If the towel slides easily then wait a few minutes until the surface will start to slow it down.

For best results put up to 3 layers of the product with minimum time interval of 3 hours.


What you need to know
1. Use thin rubber protective gloves.
2. Apply indoor only with temperature of 18-24 C.
3. Make sure the car paint is clean and cool.
4. Degrease and remove old coatings from car paint before application.
5. Apply additional layers with minimum time interval of 3 hours.
6. Drying time after application of last layer – 8 hours.

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