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PUNKT Multi Cleaner 300ml

PUNKT Multi Cleaner 300ml


PUNKT Multi Cleaner aerosol – Spot cleaning

Ready to use product, based on natural dissolvents and alcohols, designed for spot cleaning marker stains, bubble gum, glue from stickers, bituminous masses, rubber tracks on floors, plasticine and paraffin from carpets.


Warning: Dissolves rubber surfaces and soft plastic.


– Car bodies
– Offices, houses, locker rooms, waiting rooms
– Hard floors, carpet coverings


Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
Use product without diluting.
Spray the contaminated spot on the surface, wait a moment and clean it with brush or cloth.
In case of uneven surfaces, apply the product on the surface, wait a moment, brush it and collect the dirt with cloth.


Warning: Before using, test the colour and surface durability.
Do not use on rubber, soft plastic or acrylic glass.

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