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Prix GT 1L

Prix GT 1L


Prix GT – Removing metallic impurities from wheel rims and car paint

Ready to use, neutral pH product, designed for removing metallic impurities from car paint and wheel rims.

Excellently removes various contaminations parched by high temperature, which sticks to car paint and wheel rims.
When product comes into contact with these metallic impurities, there is a chemical reaction, during which product releases a red tint, that gives wheel rims a “bleeding” effect.
Depending on the contamination level, uptime may take 3-5 minutes.
Do not let it dry off. If it does, then use the product again.


– Car body, wheel rims


Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
Before using, make sure that the surface is not hot.
Spray wheel rims, wait about 5-6 minutes for the “bleeding” effect and wash it down with highly pressured water.


Warning: Do not let the product dry off on the surface.

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