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Motorplast 700ml

Motorplast 700ml


Motorplast – Specialised preparate for coating of engine bay parts: metal, plastic and rubber

It creates a hydrophobic layer, that repells dust and water.
It does not stick after drying and can be used both on wet and dry surfaces.
Very easy to use – doesn’t require wiping.
It is resistant to high temperatures up to 260°C.


How to use a product:
1. To be applied only on clean surfaces.
2. Spray evenly the whole area fo engine bay.
3. Use brush if necessary to reach hidden places.
4. Leave to dry for a few hours.


It is good to know that:
1. To avoid stains do not hold the sprayer too close to the surface.
2. For more even application, remove the foamer from the atomizer.


What you need to know:
1. Before using a product on the surface that was just washed, it is good to dry it first a little with air compressor.
2. Using on dirty surface may create a sticky layer.

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