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Glass Cleaner 700ml

Glass Cleaner 700ml


Glass Cleaner – Premium glass surfaces cleaner

Very effective, quickly evaporating product for fast cleaning of transparent surfaces like windows, mirrors and lights.
One sprayer shot is enough to wash a front or rear window.
Product leaves no glare or stains and is perfect for daily cleaning.
It is safe for paint, plastics and rubber.


How to apply the product:
1. Spray directly onto glass surface.
2. Buff with clean microfiber cloth.


It is good to know that:
1. Use no more than one sprayer shot on 1 square meter of surface.
2. If the product leaves streaks and is difficult to buff then you should use less of it.


What you need to know:
The product is based on alcohol and it is safe for paint, plastics and rubber (e.g. car door seals).

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