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Cabrio Prot 600ml

Cabrio Prot 600ml


Cabrio Prot – Strengthening textile cabrio roofs

Newest NANO technology for securing textiles. Protects the surface from discolouration, moisture, dirt settling, salt and atmospheric conditions.
Refreshes colour and creates a protective coating which simplifies water drainage.
Impregnated surface strongly repels the liquid, causing that it doesn’t soak into it, but runs down the surface as a droplets of water. Effectively limits atmospheric conditions and UV rays influence.


– Cabriolet roofs (textile)
– Tarpaulin
– Textiles


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
Apply product evenly on dry and clean tarpaulin roof of the cabriolet, with the use of the sprinkler and leave it to dry off on its own.


Warning: It is recommended to check the colour durability of the materials which you want to impregnate.

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