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SLS 700ml

SLS 700ml


SLS – Extra slick hydrophobic ceramic on top finish and reloader


Innovative milk for finishing of ceramic paint coating.
It creates on the coated surface additional, very durable layer with instant hydrofobicity and extra slickness.
It prolongs the life span of ceramic coatings.
Average durability: 4 – 6 months


How to apply the product:
1. Shake bottle well before using.
2. Spread evenly with applicator on one part of the paint.
3. Buff with microfiber cloth to a high gloss.
4. Move to next paintwork section.
5. Hardening time: min. 4 hours.


It is good to know that:
It is best to use SLS as on top finish for permanent ceramic coating as Q7, Q10 or T1.
Remember to degrease the surface if SLS is applied as the only coating.


What you need to know:
1. Use thin rubber protective gloves.
2. Apply indoor only with temperature of 18-24 C.
3. Make sure the surface is dry, clean and cool.
4. Don’t wait too long with buffing after spreading the product.
5. Drying time after application – 4 hours.

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